Wellbeing and Mental Health Advice

This is a challenging time for children, parents and families. The uncertainty and loss of routine can be a cause of worry, anxiety and uncertainty. During this period we must be conscious of the effects it may have on our wellbeing and mental health. Look below to find resources, activities and strategies to encourage positive Mental Health for you and your children.

Advice for parents

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Talk to your child.


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Pschycological resources.

Talking to children about Coronovirus.


Looking After Each Other



During the time that Carmarthenshire schools are closed, Area 43’s schools counsellors will be offering counselling remotely, via Zoom, an online platform using text, audio or video link or over the phone. 

To access counselling support, please complete the self-referral (for children/young people from year 5 and older in Carmarthenshire) and a counsellor will contact you directly. 



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 Activities for Children

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Type 'Cosmic Kids Zen Den' in your browser. You will find many videos to follow on 'You Tube.'


Keep healthy with Joe Wicks

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Click the image to access the website.

Yoga- to wake up your energy.

The following activity is a short and simple way to energise your body and help the energy flow efficiently. It can be used as a stand-alone activity or as a wake-up before a yoga session. It takes 5 minutes and can be done every day.

Y 4  taps.

Place your thumb and your first two fingers in the shape of a beak or make soft fists with your hands.

Tap or drum your fingers/hands on the 4 points mentioned below. Be gentle. If these joints become sore use a softer technique or massage the points lightly. As you are tapping/ drumming or massaging breath deeply through your nose and out through your mouth.


1: Pwynt Aren 27 - (Kidneys)

Tap here to boost your energy.

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2: Pwynt y Thymws - 

Tap here to boost your immune system.

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3: Pwynt y Dueg (spleen) -

Tap here to boos digestion of both food and experiences.

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4: Pwynt y Stumog - Stomach.

Tap here to root your energy.

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CROSSING ENERGY:The movement below co-ordinates movement between the left and right side of the brain. It also boosts your energy levels. 

Walk on the spot. Connect your right hand to your right knee as your knee lifts and connect your left hand to your left knee. After 10-12 of these, rub your hands together them shake them out.

Now repeat the activity by crossing the hands to the opposite knee 10-12 times. Repeat.

If it feels challenging, keep practising until the activity becomes easier.

If you can't manage this activity try it sitting, or visualise it. Visualisation can also be a strong tool.

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Childline- Calm Zone.

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Have some fun!


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 G0 into the garden!

 30 play ideas.


Useful links

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HWB - onlinesafety zone 


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