Welsh Homework, No Problem!

Ideas for activities during closure days

Foundation Phase- Upload work or images on HWB to receive feedback.


Foundation Phase Work plan - Week commencing 27/4/20

Fondation Phase Work plan - Week Commencing 4/5/20

Foundation Phase Work plan - Week Commencing 11/5/20

Foundation Phase Work plan - Week Commencing 18/5/20

KS2- Keep an eye out for challenges on Google Classrooms.

Useful Apps

Useful Apps 2

Cystadlaethau Crefft yr Urdd 2020 / Urdd Art and craft competition 2020

Ideas for activities.

Ideas for activities - Cyfnod Sylfaen

Creative activity Foundation phase

Be active! Follow Joe Wicks' Kids Workout on YouTube

Physical Education at Home

Recognising initial sounds (auditory)

Building words-  'Llythrennau a synau' Cam 2

Recognising letters in groups- Llythrennau a Synau

Recognising initial sounds and letters- Cyfateb Cam 2

Recognising and writing words containing  'ae.' (Bl 1 a 2)

Recognising the difference between oi/oe. (Bl 1 a 2)

 Word mats to support diary writing. (BL 1 A 2)

Covid Capsule

Rhyme- Colour and sing.

-Jac y Do

-Nos Da. Cysga Dy Ora

-Gee Geffyl Bach

-Dau Gi Bach

Foundation Phase- Please check 'Shared Files' in your HWB accounts as some activities have been shared there.

Hwb Tutorial for Parents

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Gwrando ar storiau Cymraeg- Link

-Wwsh ar y brwsh (Room on the broom)- Julia Donaldson.

-Croeso i'n Cragen (Sharing a Shell)- Julia Donaldson.

-Winni'r Wrach (Winnie the Witch)- Korky Paul

-Mae pawb yn mynd ar saffari (Addasiad gan Mererid Hopwood)